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Welcome to my personal web page! I am professional software developer based in Warsaw, Poland. I hold both Bachelor's of Science and Master's of Science degrees in Computer Science (Institute of Computer Science), from Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, Warsaw University of Technology.

I have several years of commercial experience in designing, maintaining and deploying medium sized and large sized systems written in the C# language, running on top of the Microsoft .NET:

  • ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core applications using REST communication
  • SPA architecture applications developed with TypeScript language and using AngularJS, React frameworks,
  • Data access layers implemented with Entity Framework, LINQ and Microsoft SQL Server,
  • SOA architecture applications implemented with WCF,
  • Asynchronous system communication implemented with RabbitMQ and Masstransit,
  • Usage of popular developer tools such as: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, GIT, JIRA/Confluence, TeamCity, BitBucket, Azure DevOps
  • Architecture of IT systems and the Domain Driven Design modelling approach in software development
  • I am also member of Microsoft Certified Professional program having passed:
    • 70-536 — Microsoft .NET Framework - Application Development Foundation,
    • 70-511 (Technology Specialist) — Windows Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4. (WPF)

My primary technical interests include:

  • object oriented programming in C#, ISO C++, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python languages:
    1. development of web applications based on Microsoft technology stack
    2. development of desktop applications running on Windows (WPF, WinForms)
    3. design of scripting tools using PowerShell, Bash shell, Perl and AWK languages
    4. system programming
  • operating systems — internals, administration, programming interface
  • database systems — designing solutions optimized for custom application requirements
  • systems architecture — selection of the most appropriate technical solutions for components of a system and design of communication processes between them. Modelling of those solutions, so that they align with the business domain

To some extent, I am also interested in:

  • application, operating system and network security
  • techniques of parallel programming and data access synchronization mechanisms
  • kernel mode programming (only Linux kernel so far)
  • software engineering, perceived as systematization of software design and programming principles, rather than developement methodologies along with management practices
  • methods of software reverse-engineering
  • digital electronics and computer architecture

My non-technical fields of interest include:

  • being well informed about current affairs in my country and around the world (I'm an enthusiast of Feedly)
  • reading — journalism, blogosphere, fiction and literature of manners (disregarding ones, that are weakly related to the real life)
  • English language
  • finances and economics
  • lifehacking and methods of personal development
  • sports — I especially try to practice on regular basis: running, cycling, swimming
  • philosophy of minimalism

Contact via email address:

  • contact at

Directly from this site, you can visit:

  • my technical blog (English),
  • web site of my project Simple File Annotator — which is an application, that allows you to easily assign text annotations to any file.